About License Direct

License Direct provides a single search for over 20 million registered professionals across the USA

In some states, there are as many as 50 different websites for searching licenses; they are often slow, difficult to use, and poorly maintained. License Direct brings together data about license holders from a multitude of different government agency websites, letting you seamlessly search across states and license categories.

Verify Credentials
  • If you want to check that someone you're about to hire or do business with holds the proper credentials, search our comprehensive database
  • Make sure that is in good standing and has not been subject to any disciplinary actions (select states only)
  • As a license holder, claim your profile and enhance it by adding a link to your website and other information
Find a Licensed Professional
  • Search over 20M registered doctors, plumbers, architects, security guards, and hundreds of other categories of licensed professionals
  • Filter by location, license category or speciality, status and more
  • As a license holder, claim your profile and enhance it by adding a link to your website and other information
Manage Your Own Profile
  • If you're listed on the site, you can claim your profile (select states and professions only)
  • Link to your website so it's more easily discoverable by potential customers or clients and by search engines
  • Add contact and biographical information to your profile

Where does this data come from?

Directly from the state government agencies that maintain license databases.

How accurate and up-to-date is it?

We update data on a continuous rolling basis and it is typically current to within 14 days. The information is provided for guidance only and where absolute accuracy is required, it is no substitute for official government registries.

How can I remove my details from the site?

We discourage license holders from removing their information from the site, because it means that prospective clients or business partners will not be able to verify your licensure. Please also be aware that we do not publish any information that is not already in the public domain and which you have provided to your state government agency to form part of the public record. Nevertheless, if you are a license holder and would like to remove your profile from the site, you can fill out our removal request form.


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