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Announcing the Launch of License Direct

Some background on this week’s launch of the first-ever unified professional license search website

In the United States, state governments have the responsibility for granting licenses to people who are authorized to practice certain professions – from architects and nurses to massage therapists and security guards. Many state governments have separate agencies that regulate each different profession. The result is that the information on is highly fragmented and often not easily accessible to the general public. License Direct aims to fix this problem.

We currently hold up-to-date information about over 20M licensed professionals across the country in hundreds of different  categories. On our site, you can easily search for someone to check to see if they hold the necessary license to carry on their profession, or browse through a list of professionals in your area.

In the coming months, we will expand to cover about 30-40M professionals in virtually every US state and, in early 2014, several other English-speaking countries.